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Colette lives an exciting life that revolves around climbing, photography, filmmaking, and life on the road.


Colette is a professional athlete for Black Diamond Equipment and Five Ten.


Colette has enjoyed filmmaking for Prana, Black Diamond Equipment, Epic TV, and more.


Colette enjoys photography as a professional as well as a hobby. She is driven by her personal experiences in the outdoor industry, the people she meets, and her travels.

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Hazel Findlay Vid on Epic TV

Last November I got the chance to film for EPIC TV with pro climber Hazel Findlay and pick her brain about life on the road and how's she's dealt with the last year of nursing…

Moja Climber Spotlight

Cool Interview by Moja Gear Last week. Thanks guys!! CLICK THE LINK ABOVE FOR MORE http://mojagear.com/climber-profile/2015/10/25/climber-spotlight-colette-mcinerney/