Crushing on Crux Crush

Crushing on Terradets, Spain. Check out a sweet little interview Crux Crush was kind enough to put together of yours truly HERE. Gotta say, I've always had a soft spot for the female voice in…

A tope

Pinching my way up the beautiful tufas in Terradets.
Pinching my way up the beautiful tufas in Terradets.
I’ve been wanted to make some sort of graph to demonstrate our moving/ migration/ gypsy pattern. I don’t know, like a pie graph or circle graph or something? I can’t really figure out how to create a physical representation of where we’ve been over the past years. I do know that no matter the graph there will always be at least one bubble, line, mark, notch or whatever for Spain. (more…)

Feeling on in the off season.

About a month ago we had a choice to make. We could end our Pacific Northwest tour where it was and head back down south to commence in our usual summer routine. Which doesn’t suck at all by the way, and usually consist of chillin’ hard on the Western Slope with some great peeps, while I get a little work in Aspen and super worked climbing in Rifle. The thing was, we were so close. (more…)

Cleansing Winds

Half moon rises after a sunset at our camping at Equinox,Wa.
We tend to live our life with a sense of urgency. We’re always chasing seasons, rushing from one spot to the next. The mottos “Life is short”, “Live every moment to it’s fullest,” “You only have one life to live” float over our heads like taunting cartoon bubble thoughts. (more…)