Moja Climber Spotlight

Cool Interview by Moja Gear Last week. Thanks guys!! CLICK THE LINK ABOVE FOR MORE

Verdon Gorge for National Geographic.

Verdon Gorge is mind blowing. What an experience to be able to enjoy and experience it for the first time with such good friends, amazing rock climbers and talented creatives. HERE is the piece I was invited to shoot on with the very talented Keith Ladzinski last spring. 3SP_8348 Photo by Keith Ladzinski of myself hanging high above the Verdon Walls with camera in hand. (more…)

La Isla Bonita

Sand Dunes in the south part of Gran Canaria Island.
Sand Dunes in the south part of Gran Canaria Island.
I love maps. I grew playing this game where I’d spin this old globe my mom and I had found in some glorified dump, and let my finger tip graze the gliding cylinder until it stopped. Where my finger landed was some exotic location I would imagine my adult self traveling to. It was like geographic fortune telling. Sometimes I would force it stop on the places I thought were the most unlikely to ever explore, like Asia, Egypt, or a chain of islands off the coast of Africa. (more…)