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Dark clouds lay over Biarritz's sea shore.
Dark clouds lay over Biarritz's sea shore.
I can’t decide whether to be excited or terrified when I think about the fact that as a woman I’m living in an era completely unique to any that has existed before. (Don’t worry any male reader can just look at photos at this point, I won’t be offended;) It’s one where we’re not held to any of the confines imposed by past generations. We can be career oriented, focus on having a family, do both, or live in Tahiti as far as this world cares. (more…)

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It always amazes me how adaptable the human brain is. Yesterday on NPR I heard how they measure the growth of information in the brain much like you see a muscle form on the arm. You can make yourself more creative or better at a sport. It’s all about putting in time, repetition, repetition, repetition. In essence the human brain is made to assimilate to just about any situation. But despite how a level of me knows this to be true, there continue to be moments where I can’t imagine being able to adapt to anything different than where I am right now.

Pita climbing in Oliana .
Pita climbing in Oliana .

Crushing on Crux Crush

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